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  J. King 14ef33879b Re-arrange database tests by engine 4 days ago
  J. King c4ee7254cd Refactor some tests to use data providers 2 weeks ago
  J. King fb2602fe04 Don't load actual configuration during CLI tests 3 weeks ago
  J. King 38501ce4f2 Add Newsie to documented clients 4 weeks ago
  J. King cca56b09fc Order failing tests first 1 month ago
  J. King 4421a9e510 Offload coveraage whitelisting to xdebug 1 month ago
  J. King 524b1ca140 Merge branch 'master' into phpunit-8 1 month ago
  J. King 3ee89bf669 Version bump 1 month ago
  J. King c9d4540616 Merge branch 'mysql' 1 month ago
  J. King 3cb8dfafe2 Change download URL in manual 1 month ago
  J. King bbe70b6abc Corect CamelCase references to Nextcloud 1 month ago
  J. King 794fb506a5 Widen URL field 1 month ago
  J. King 484510cf8c Expand text fields other than user id and feed URL 1 month ago
  J. King e3144ecbf5 Update tool dependencies 1 month ago
  J. King 5df89009e6 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.mensbeam.com/MensBeam/arsse 1 month ago
  J. King 15de8c2320 Fix PostgreSQL connection error message 1 month ago
  J. King f4b08170bf Fix MySQL schema 1 month ago
  J. King 568e6e4660 Delete dangling MySQL records when updating 1 month ago
  J. King 737dd9f6b8 Fix foreign keys in MySQL 1 month ago
  J. King c1a3e64bfa Fix new tests to work with PHPUnit 8 2 months ago
  J. King de424e42f6 Merge branch 'master' into phpunit-8 2 months ago
  J. King c6b79d49ba Documentation corrections 2 months ago
  J. King 5ede4cbdb2 Clarify coverage requirements 2 months ago
  J. King bbc96e4f37 Remove reference to obsolete CSS-only manual task 2 months ago
  J. King 733f0d7fd5 Fix typo 2 months ago
  J. King 0e5b242c67 Version bump 2 months ago
  J. King c59cdfef76 Whitespace fixes 3 months ago
  J. King 71c7cd8fb1 Full coverage! Fixes #66 3 months ago
  J. King 728eecfbb5 Additional service tests 3 months ago
  J. King bad86cedb3 Tests for bootstrapper 3 months ago
  J. King 7ac4fb4715 Clarify PDO workaround for SQLite 3 months ago
  J. King 3ef1177f06 Remove driver lists 3 months ago
  J. King b6dd8ab20d Improvements to and proper tests for query builder 3 months ago
  J. King c706a76057 Simplify array flattening 3 months ago
  J. King c3643fba10 Tests for URL::absolute() 3 months ago
  J. King 64c3ec3571 Coverage fixes and OPML bugfix 3 months ago
  J. King 17a2fa96f8 Upgrade to PHPUnit 8 3 months ago
  J. King b8b8a6aa70 Also adjust test for MySQL connection failure 3 months ago
  J. King cb1039326c Fix PostgreSQL tests when using "trust" authentication 3 months ago
  J. King cf5c08459f Remove unused Daux libs 3 months ago
  J. King 5d70f9fc11 Update dependencies 3 months ago
  J. King 9461cefc35 Upgrade Daux to 0.11 3 months ago
  J. King 1809fb254e Deal with trailing whitespace in media types 3 months ago
  J. King 4f5a8e3180 Make media type checking more robust 3 months ago
  J. King 5f993187ea Be explicit with HTTP challenge character encoding 3 months ago
  J. King c5337b37b4 Consolidate creation of synthetic server requests 4 months ago
  J. King 67bde97e0c Update changelog 4 months ago
  J. King a143c86136 Set up test better 4 months ago
  J. King 3da884dfbc Don't embed ito SQL strings with question marks 4 months ago
  J. King be5ad50f54 Tests for text search clause generator 4 months ago