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  J. King 4316c700a8 Nginx should send the normalized URL to the application 4 days ago
  J. King 17f3a2f059 Start on an API overview for the Database class 1 week ago
  J. King b0d5458367 Clarify some prospective protocols 2 weeks ago
  J. King 49cefaf5c8 Complete API documentation for the Database class 2 weeks ago
  J. King d3a385beef Partial API documentation for the Database class 2 weeks ago
  J. King b1282b6f6a Upgrade to PHP 7.1 and PHPUnit 7. 4 weeks ago
  J. King 500851f161 Style fixes 1 month ago
  J. King 91b6fdc696 Update changelog; bump version 1 month ago
  J. King 8ea1df920a Unify SQL timeouts 1 month ago
  J. King bc8d443d84 Change PicoFeed dependency to a maintained variant 1 month ago
  J. King 970731073d Fetch timeout should be a float, not an integer 1 month ago
  J. King 9120d3b3e3 Correctly escape shell command in subprocesds service driver 1 month ago
  J. King a5049ac646 Remove reference to PicoFeed in the User-Agent string 1 month ago
  J. King 37131d3775 Remove non-functional curl service driver for now 1 month ago
  J. King 05aadfe7c7 Use correct SQLite chema change procedure; version bump 1 month ago
  J. King 37025bb49f Documentation update 1 month ago
  J. King 5335d331f7 Fix configuration exporting 1 month ago
  J. King 5cd84c4ab4 Validate configuration parameters on import, and other changes 1 month ago
  J. King b0643de21c Add handling of DateInterval objects to ValueInfo 1 month ago
  J. King 4670dfc849 Handle connection errors 1 month ago
  J. King e92bda5373 Various changes: 1 month ago
  J. King 6ad3fb78a0 Documentation update 1 month ago
  J. King f3b0c791f8 Fix remaining tests 1 month ago
  J. King 5d61ab0a57 Fixes for MySQL native interface 1 month ago
  J. King e501fbdc87 Remove the DatabaseInformation class in tests and use traits instead 1 month ago
  J. King 81acba90dc Use strict equality when comparing strings 1 month ago
  J. King c4a41255b0 Experimental native MySQL driver 1 month ago
  J. King 3da773eef6 Grammar tweak 2 months ago
  J. King cefc9e5b4d Don't use Canada mirror in links to PHP manual 2 months ago
  J. King 7191dd5778 Documentation update 2 months ago
  J. King 206cca35a9 Test tweaks 2 months ago
  J. King 5a133b795a Correctly munge MySQL queries 2 months ago
  J. King b4de56a64e Work around MySQL silliness with same-table foreign keys 2 months ago
  J. King f0d30c2eee Make munging of queries a generic feature 2 months ago
  J. King 24df564045 Mostly successful MySQL database function tests 2 months ago
  J. King de07352fd0 Syntactic adjustments for MySQL 2 months ago
  J. King 393b4e95ad Adjustments for MySQL 8 2 months ago
  J. King 4ef36643a4 Proof-of-concept PDO MySQL driver 2 months ago
  J. King 316ba941a2 Hopefully complete MySQL schema 2 months ago
  J. King 86c16d3cb3 Merge branch 'master' into mysql 2 months ago
  J. King 8d9d249b88 Merge branch 'pg' 2 months ago
  J. King 50f92625ef Use PosgreSQL's existing general Unicode collation 2 months ago
  J. King 17052d3232 Update PostgreSQL-related documentation 2 months ago
  J. King 29e7c1f154 Fix coverage 2 months ago
  J. King 2bebdd44cf Implementation of native PostgreSQL interface 2 months ago
  J. King b52dadf345 Make existing PostgreSQL tests explicitly PDO tests 2 months ago
  J. King 161f5f08f6 Proactively support SQLite 3.25 2 months ago
  J. King 28f803dd28 Handle PostgreSQL connection errors 2 months ago
  J. King 0f48ce6f37 Use a Unicode collation for SQLite 2 months ago
  J. King a8e6487001 Draft documentation 2 months ago