746 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  J. King 16530b9a66 Probably test for feed redirection bug 1 week ago
  J. King cfef75ccba Don't update the feed URL when fetching 1 week ago
  J. King b8b559b0f8 Correct spuriously failing tests 2 weeks ago
  J. King e76871c567 Changelog so far 2 weeks ago
  J. King eb120b4629 Fetch in three hours if caching is via etag 3 weeks ago
  J. King 137be8bde2 Fix whitespace 3 weeks ago
  J. King 45a43488ee Increase compatibility with misbehaving Fever clients 3 weeks ago
  J. King db5bcb78a3 Fix lookup of evergreen tokens 3 weeks ago
  J. King 77b719660b Date 0.8.0 release 3 weeks ago
  J. King 9f7e1c915c Start after PostgreSQL and MySQL when relevant 3 weeks ago
  J. King 4282ba1c26 Version bump 3 weeks ago
  J. King f7240301e4 Basic database maintenance 3 weeks ago
  J. King cef31907d3 Cron functionality is not new 3 weeks ago
  J. King 422eaf9605 Invalidate sessions on password change; closes #170 3 weeks ago
  J. King be92d2f052 Documentation update; fixes #168 3 weeks ago
  J. King faf524c54f CLI test for import 3 weeks ago
  J. King 13b76dea0c Tests for generic importing 3 weeks ago
  J. King 0e95892aea Do not necessarily ignore blank tags in import 3 weeks ago
  J. King 2aa16f3405 Merge branch 'fever' into opml 3 weeks ago
  J. King 56bb460820 Test answering OPTIONS requests in Fever 3 weeks ago
  J. King 61b942df70 Defer Fever favicons to a future release 3 weeks ago
  J. King 0480465e7e Test Fever XML responses 3 weeks ago
  J. King 8f9678b8a4 Tests for baasic import errors 1 month ago
  J. King 103755cfb4 Test fixture for import tests 1 month ago
  J. King 30cede9ea4 Make OPML parser protected 1 month ago
  J. King 61fe673e20 Skeleton for import tests 1 month ago
  J. King cb71a9efd7 Make database connections for testing configurable 1 month ago
  J. King 2628ff7bf4 Make database test helpers generic 1 month ago
  J. King 12ef3e649f Mock AbstractImportExport directly 1 month ago
  J. King 7046ce163c More format-neutral code out of OPML class 1 month ago
  J. King 92b1626dba Remove most unused features of the query builder 1 month ago
  J. King 62fe3a7298 Fix case of vfsstream tool dependency 1 month ago
  J. King 54aaab50b5 Update tools 2 months ago
  J. King c1e13e6199 Tests for file imports 3 months ago
  J. King be5a1fb94f Mixed content test for OPML 3 months ago
  J. King 0f7d49c21e More OPML tests and fixes 3 months ago
  J. King 644750487c Command line documentation and fixes 3 months ago
  J. King a30114807f Tests and fixed for OPML feed parsing 3 months ago
  J. King cdd9f4dfbe More OPML parser tests 3 months ago
  J. King 5ba009cfed First set of OPML parser tests 3 months ago
  J. King 6ef13d0880 Style fixes 3 months ago
  J. King b9821d925a CLI for OPML import, and proper exceptions 3 months ago
  J. King 67492cd7ef Prototype OPML importer routine 3 months ago
  J. King 3899ee6b4e Allow for replacing label and tag associations 3 months ago
  J. King 2af223753d Function to add a feed without a subscription 4 months ago
  J. King ceecd58393 OPML parsing comments and minr fixes 4 months ago
  J. King 825c286e5b Prototype OPML import parser 4 months ago
  J. King 2d18be959c Tests for undoing read marks 4 months ago
  J. King daeff63239 Test basic Fever responses 4 months ago
  J. King c55a960b85 Slight cleanup 4 months ago