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  J. King bc53a2d24a Style fixes 4 months ago
  J. King 5838af892f Replace references to Zend with Laminas 5 months ago
  J. King 61abf7ee7c Upgrade to Diactoros 2.x 1 year ago
  J. King 81acba90dc Use strict equality when comparing strings 1 year ago
  J. King 9428d7468a Add more user management functionality to the CLI 1 year ago
  J. King a92bad1bc8 Correctly load configuration 2 years ago
  J. King 689d1c585c Temporarily disable limits 2 years ago
  J. King 3fa2d38f31 Initial rewrite of REST class; needs more testing, but should be functional 2 years ago
  J. King 11b2066922 Added per-file legal boilerplate 2 years ago
  J. King 97b0134e56 Merge master 2 years ago
  J. King 1b72d45adf Relegate bootstrap.php to testing; fixes #117 2 years ago
  J. King f7e50fe95d Passed code through linter 2 years ago
  J. King cc2296522c More changes in anticipation of a release: 2 years ago
  J. King b8e091177b Add SQLite timeout (fixes #67) and implement configuration reading 2 years ago
  J. King d1382cec63 Remove debug code 3 years ago
  J. King 1b970cc7c5 Experimental forking service and accompanying CLI 3 years ago
  J. King da092d5f8c Changed Misc\DateFormatter to a collection of static methods and renamed it to Date; renamed Data to Arsse to avoid confusion and better reflect its centrality 3 years ago
  J. King 6d4aa4db6e Minimally functional, highly experimental, working server 3 years ago