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3.sql 2.0KB

  1. -- SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
  2. -- Copyright 2017 J. King, Dustin Wilson et al.
  3. -- See LICENSE and AUTHORS files for details
  4. -- allow marks to initially have a null date due to changes in how marks are first created
  5. -- and also add a "touched" column to aid in tracking changes during the course of some transactions
  6. create table arsse_marks_new(
  7. -- users' actions on newsfeed entries
  8. article integer not null references arsse_articles(id) on delete cascade, -- article associated with the marks
  9. subscription integer not null references arsse_subscriptions(id) on delete cascade on update cascade, -- subscription associated with the marks; the subscription in turn belongs to a user
  10. read boolean not null default 0, -- whether the article has been read
  11. starred boolean not null default 0, -- whether the article is starred
  12. modified text, -- time at which an article was last modified by a given user
  13. note text not null default '', -- Tiny Tiny RSS freeform user note
  14. touched boolean not null default 0, -- used to indicate a record has been modified during the course of some transactions
  15. primary key(article,subscription) -- no more than one mark-set per article per user
  16. );
  17. insert into arsse_marks_new select article,subscription,read,starred,modified,note,0 from arsse_marks;
  18. drop table arsse_marks;
  19. alter table arsse_marks_new rename to arsse_marks;
  20. -- reindex anything which uses the nocase collation sequence; it has been replaced with a Unicode collation
  21. reindex nocase;
  22. -- set version marker
  23. pragma user_version = 4;
  24. update arsse_meta set value = '4' where "key" = 'schema_version';