• Stable 0.8.0 137be8bde2

    Version 0.8.0

    jking released this 5 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • Support for the Fever protocol (see README.md for details)
    • Command line functionality for clearing a password, disabling the account
    • Command line options for dealing with Fever passwords
    • Command line functionality for importing and exporting OPML
    • Command line documentation of all commands and options

    Bug fixes:

    • Treat command line option -h the same as --help
    • Sort Tiny Tiny RSS special feeds according to special ordering
    • Invalidate sessions when passwords are changed
    • Correct example systemd unit to start after PostgreSQL and MySQL


    • Perform regular database maintenance to improve long-term performance

    Please see the UPGRADING file for further details.