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    Version 0.9.0

    jking released this 3 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • Support for the Miniflux protocol (see manual for details)
    • Support for API level 15 of Tiny Tiny RSS
    • Support for feed icons in Fever
    • Command-line functionality for managing user metadata
    • Command-line functionality for managing Miniflux login tokens

    Bug fixes:

    • Further relax Fever HTTP correctness, to fix more clients
    • Use icons specified in Atom feeds when available
    • Do not return null as subscription unread count
    • Explicitly forbid U+003A COLON and control characters in usernames, for
      compatibility with RFC 7617
    • Never return 401 in response to an OPTIONS request
    • Accept "t" and "f" as booleans in Tiny Tiny RSS


    • Administrator account requirements for Nextcloud News functionality are
      now enforced
    • E_DEPRECATED is now suppressed for compatibility with PHP 8 until affected
      dependencies can be replaced

    Please see the UPGRADING file for further details.