Simplifies using many of php's built-in filesystem functions
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This is a fork of Symfony's Filesystem component which simplifies php's built-in filesystem functions. A common painpoint in using Symfony's component is that it is unnecessarily instantiated:

use Symfony\Component\Filesystem;
$fs = new Filesystem();
$fs->chmod('/path/to/file', 0600);

This is awkward because there isn't a reason to instantiate it. There's nothing within Filesystem to create an instance of. There's no defined constructor and no properties to set. In fact only a single static property exists within the class to store the last encountered error. It simply doesn't make any sense. It's especially curious considering the Path class that's included with Filesystem is itself a static class.

This fork eliminates that nonsense by making everything static:

use MensBeam\Filesystem as Fs;
Fs::chmod('/path/to/file', 0600);


This library uses polyfills for ext-ctype and ext-mbstring. If you have these extensions installed the polyfills won't run. However, if you don't want the polyfills needlessly installed you can do this in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "ext-ctype": "*",
        "ext-mbstring": "*"
    "provide": {
        "symfony/polyfill-ctype": "*",
        "symfony/polyfill-mbstring": "*"