Updated 1 day ago

Common classes and traits used in many MensBeam projects

Updated 1 month ago

Modern DOM library written in PHP for HTML documents

Updated 2 months ago

TextMate-style syntax highlighting in PHP

Updated 2 months ago

The clean & modern RSS server that doesn't give you any crap.

Updated 5 months ago

Manual for the MensBeam HTML parser.

Updated 7 months ago

A set of dependency-free basic internationalization tools

Updated 8 months ago

JavaScript 0 0

Tool used for separating style and markup from behavior in web components

Updated 1 year ago

A lax Web news feed parser

Updated 1 year ago

An implementation of the WHATWG Mime Sniffing specification

Updated 2 years ago

PHP 0 0

An implementation of PSR-7 URI interface and the WHATWG URL specification

Updated 2 years ago

PHP 0 0

A parser for WHATWG URLs

Updated 2 years ago

PostCSS plugin for creating colors by WCAG contrast ratio

Updated 3 years ago

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Policy documents for Men's Beam

Updated 4 years ago